CARB/EO Decal Request

Need A CARB / EO decal for your vehicle Inspection?

To comply with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) BBK Offer CARB/EO SMOG decals for ALL BBK products that have been approved for use in California and other states with emissions control standards. Most BBK throttle bodies, intakes, and exhaust products have been submitted for testing and were approved to receive legal exemption under California law. In order to adhere to state laws and be in compliance,  a CARB/EO exempt decal must be displayed on the vehicle with BBK parts installed. We recommend this decal is placed under the hood next to any other emissions decals for easy viewing by inspectors.

DO NOT put the decal on the actual BBK parts - They should be placed under the hood close to OEM Emissions Information.


Please completely fill out the form Below and submit to request and receive your decal. All data must be filled out in order for the correct decal to be issued.  Upon receipt of your form and verification that the information provided is true and correct, we will send you a new CARB exempt decal/sticker.

If you are having issues finding your correct CARB decal, please contact us direct at (386) 624-0025.