Cold Air Intakes

Back in the late 1980’s our team at BBK came up with what was an performance industry first, with the then all-new Mustang cold air intake systems. Offered in both a fender well & open filter style for the 1986-89 Mustang 5.0L Mustang models, these air intake kits quickly became a top bolt on performance upgrade as it was one of the easiest ways to pick up 10-15 RWHP while also improving the under hood looks with a hand polished & chrome plated construction. Read More...Fast forward to today and what was then all new to the aftermarket, has morphed into probably one of the single largest performance products for modern day car & truck models. With BBK air intake kits now available for most Ford, Dodge, GM & Jeep vehicle applications, enthusiasts can still get the original proven performance gains while in most cases keeping 50-state EPA legal status. Whether you’re the owner of such popular models as the Mustang, Camaro, Corvette, Challenger, Charger, F150, Ram, Silverado or Wrangler, BBK air intake systems deliver American designed & built performance right out of the box with each system designed to be a direct bolt on requiring no other modifications.

BBK performance air intake systems consist of a custom designed air box with washable cotton element high flow air filter, large free flowing air intake and any required molded connectors, hoses, brackets and hardware to make this a perfect do it yourself upgrade. Unlike many other air intake brands, each BBK performance air intake system is engineered to work with the factory or aftermarket tune, requiring no guesswork. Also many tuner companies feature custom tune files for BBK air intake kits allowing for even more power. In addition to delivering awesome power gains with the factory tune, our BBK team has worked closely with tuner companies to deliver even more performance from not only our air intake kits but also with associated BBK performance bolt on items such as our famous “Power Plus Series” performance throttle bodies and high performance header & exhaust systems.

How a Cold Air Intake Works:

A Cold Air Intake System also referred as an Air Intake Kit is designed to improve overall engine performance by both increasing the volume of air into the engine as well as ensuring that air is as cool as possible. With colder denser air an engine achieves better power as it helps with the combustion performance and efficiency. On most factory automotive and truck applications, the stock air filter is a restrictive paper element style unit with most being a flat design. The BBK Air Intake Systems all feature a high flow fully washable cotton element conical style filter which will flow much more air than the factory unit. In addition, each BBK Air Intake System features a custom designed air box that holds the filter and allows it to get the coolest air possible. From the intake box the air is delivered into the motor via an all new high flowing inlet tube assembly that eliminates much of the restriction found in the factory set-up. Systems are made from a combination of high quality materials and some systems are available in a polished chrome finish along with the standard black out series.

How much performance will a BBK Air Intake add?

Overall horsepower and torque varies by engine size, factory power numbers and restriction of the stock system. However, as a general rule based on thousands of dyno runs at the BBK test facilities a typical horsepower gain of 5-7% would be normal on a normally aspirated set up with up to 8-12% increase on many turbo or supercharged models. This would mean around 15hp on a 300hp motor and around 20hp on a 400hp model. Specific performance information is available for each Air Intake System listed on this site.

Will I need a custom tune with a BBK Air Intake?

Unlike many other companies in the aftermarket, our R&D team has always taken the extra effort to design each BBK Air Intake System to work with the factory tune. However, all systems are also designed to work with custom tunes, many of which tune files can be found standard on many tuners such as SCT. Like with any aftermarket parts, a well-designed tune will further enhance the overall power potential especially when combined with other upgrades.

Will a BBK Air Intake hurt my mileage?

As all of our Air Intake Systems are designed to minimize restrictions in the inlet air tract, no loss of mileage would not be seen and in many applications improvements can be made as this is helping to improve overall engine efficiency. Most BBK Air Intake systems are also 50-State EPA legal meeting the most stringent guidelines.

Why BBK Air Intake over other brands?

When it comes to quality & performance BBK was one of the first companies to pioneer the modern Air Intake System back in 1988. Since that time our team has spent significant resources to engineer each system to work with a factory or aftermarket tune, fit our popular performance throttle bodies, install with no modifications and use only the best possible materials & designs to ensure maximum performance, drivability & longevity. In addition, our staff has worked hard to offer the latest in installation instructions as well as how to videos which can be found on this site and our YouTube channel. American made quality & performance at a fair price is what has kept BBK at the top of the aftermarket field for decades and its those basic rules that are applied to each BBK product.

Can I install my own BBK Air Intake System?

All BBK Air Intake Systems are designed for the do it yourselfer and require just simple tools with no other modifications required. A typical system will take around 30-45 minutes to install and all are designed for easy access to the conical filter for normal filter cleaning. We recommend a filter check and cleaning as required with normal oil change intervals and have a Recharger Kit #1100 available which includes spray filter cleaner and oil.

What Type of Warranty do I get with a BBK Air Intake System?

As with the entire line of BBK performance products, all Air Intake Systems come with a full 1 -year standard warranty with optional warranties up to 3yrs also available directly from BBK.

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