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Since 1988, BBK Performance has been an industry leader in performance bolt-on automotive and truck parts. Best known for throttle bodies, BBK's product line also includes cold-air intakes, headers, fuel system components, performance exhaust, and suspension parts. Equipped with the latest testing and dyno equipment, our BBK engineering team works everyday to ensure that each of our products will perform beyond your expectations!



Brian and Ken Murphy - BBK Performance

With the introduction of the electronic fuel-injected Mustang, Camaro & Corvette in the mid 1980’s – a major transition began from a world where aftermarket performance would change from carburetors & point ignitions to new terms such as throttle bodies, air intakes & shorty headers. Enter Brothers Brian & Ken Murphy and high school friend Barry Morrison - who had spent all their spare time working on cars and reading the latest automotive performance news in popular magazines like Hot Rod & Car Craft. After moving to Southern California in early 1988, Brian & Barry would take their knowledge playing with a new 1988 5.0L Mustang they had recently purchased - and transition that into a start-up that would become BBK. Knowing Ken would be graduating high school in another year and come out to join the team, Brian came up with the name & logo that BBK is still using to this day. From day one it has been the goal to deliver to fellow enthusiast’s  - products that would not only outperform the competition while delivering OEM quality to allow our products to be used on daily drivers not just weekend race applications.


After first starting by porting-out the restrictive stock throttle body on the 5.0L Mustang, the guys would decide to design & produce the first BBK “Power-Plus-Series” performance throttle body. Little did they know this would start an entire new market segment with our BBK throttle body line the most popular and most comprehensive in the aftermarket.

Soon after the first throttle body, the guys would next design one of the industries first cold-air intake systems, followed by other new products such as the underdrive pulley kit and direct-fit shorty headers. It was this dedication to lead the market with new products which would lead Brian to come-up with BBK’s mantra of “Why Follow When You Can Lead” that is still used by our ever-growing team to this day.


Being in Southern California in the beginning, it was clear to the BBK team that our products should be designed with not only the best performance – but also do so while meeting emission standards in most states. In fact, as early as 1991 BBK was working with C.A.R.B testing and certifying some of our earliest bolt-on products allowing them to be 50-state EPA legal. Now more than ever our engineers are focused on designing products that meet these ever-changing standards which ensures most of our products can be sold in all states.


Shortly after starting BBK – the line of bolt-on performance products would quickly expand to other popular automotive models such as the Chevy Camaro and Corvette. This would also begin to include a variety of products for the light truck & Jeep market. From a few dozen initial part numbers, the BBK product line would grow by hundreds of applications throughout the decades that followed as would BBK’s engineering & production capabilities. From our initial 1200 sq. ft. location our facilities would expand to almost 200,000 sq. ft. of space which now encompasses an engineering division in Southern California and a state-of-the-art company headquarters in central Florida.

At this expanding facility - thousands of BBK products are built each week and distributed throughout the world with BBK products available at thousands of retailers, on-line merchants, and automotive parts distributors. Today BBK performance products are available for most automotive & truck applications including such models as the Ford Mustang, Dodge Charger / Challenger, Chevy Camaro / Corvette, Ford F-Series, Ram, GM trucks and the Jeep Wrangler / Cherokee. If you haven’t found a BBK product for your specific application on this site – please reach out to our sales team at sales@bbkperformance.com as were constantly added new items and always on the look-out for new product ideas.


Still managed by company founder & CEO Brian Murphy – BBK is currently entering one of its fastest growth phases with hundreds of new & exciting products being designed & added to our ever-growing product line.

Recently we added a 20,000sqft in-house coatings division to our Florida headquarters that allows our team to offer the highest quality high-temp ceramic coatings on our popular performance headers as well as a powder coating line that ensures all BBK air intake & suspension products meet our high-quality standards while delivering unmatched value. In addition, we are about to break ground on an additional 62,000sqft to add to our overall manufacturing capabilities.

With our R&D division loaded with dozens of test vehicles – our team is busier than ever at creating exiting new BBK products for new models like the Ford Bronco and C8 Series Corvette. If you live in Southern California or Central Florida and would like to have our team to consider your vehicle for new product testing, click here to submit your vehicle information.

At BBK, we pride ourselves on the fact that we design & build* our products here in the USA. In fact, many of our team members are also enthusiasts as nothing guarantees better products than having people who live the hobby design & build those parts. 

*Made in USA means that “All or virtually all” the product has been made in America. That is, all significant parts, processing and labor that go into the product are of U.S. origin - some parts may be occasionally sourced outside of the US depending on Availability at the time before reverting back to our original US supplier 



Today, BBK Performance has two locations in California and Florida. With nearly 200,000 sqft of state of the art R&D, manufacturing, and distribution, the BBK brand continues to focus on bringing the best quality and affordably priced performance products built right here in the USA. Our engineering team works everyday designing and testing new products for a variety of automotive and truck platforms.

BBK Manufacturing and Development

If you're ever visiting Daytona Beach or San Diego, be sure to come see us at our factory outlets and ask our on-sight technicians what performance upgrades BBK offers for your favorite project. With over 600 products now available for most Ford, GM, Dodge and Jeep models, BBK continues to design & produce the highest quality dyno-proven performance bolt-ons with the same determination as when Brian got things started in 1988.

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