Engine Bolt-On

Since 1988 BBK has been leading the industry with a variety of performance products for a wide range of automotive & truck applications. One common theme in all BBK performance products is the ability for an enthusiast to be able to install each product on their own if they choose that route. This means our R&D team designs each item to be a direct bolt-on without making custom modifications or requiring custom tuning. In addition, while many BBK performance parts are used in track environments, all are designed to stand up to the rigors of everyday use as many enthusiasts are using their vehicle as their main mode of transportation.

BBK performance engine bolt-ons are available for such popular models as the Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro/Corvette, Dodge Charger/Challenger, Ram truck, Ford F-Series models, GMC & Chevy truck/SUV’s as well as the Jeep Wrangler & Cherokee. The engine related products cover the following categories:



These super popular oil separators or otherwise known as catch cans are designed to catch the oil vapor coming from the engine crankcase before it is fed into the intake tract & combustion chamber. This results in not only performance improvements but also helps with longevity as this oil vapor is what helps to create carbon build-up which over many miles will reduce fuel economy & performance.

Designed with our fully CNC-machined 356 aluminum main body assembly, each unit is anodized in a beautiful finish and assembled with a custom o-ring design & custom oil catch filter. At each oil change simply unscrew the bottom catch portion and empty the oil out that otherwise would have been ingested in your motor as oil vapor.

These kits are available for most popular automotive & truck applications with dozens of new versions being added annually.


In the late 1980’s, BBK was one of the first companies to offer these simple yet effective underdrive pulley kits which can free up as much as 15 HP by reducing drag as a result of reducing the overall speed of the engine accessories. This reduction is engineered in a way that at idle such components as the water pump and alternator are turning fast enough to ensure ample cooling and charge.

Each BBK underdrive pulley system is built from fully CNC machined 6061 aluminum alloy right here in the USA for maximum quality & performance. Each system is also designed to retain the stock length serpentine belt making the upgrade that much more economical.

In addition to underdrive pulleys our R&D team has been engineering various supercharger pulley upgrades which add substantial power by increasing the level of boost. BBK underdrive pulley kits are available for a variety of Ford, GM & Dodge models with new applications being added all the time.


With many OEM manifolds going to plastic over the years to reduce cost, enthusiasts have experienced many water leaks as well as failures when running higher levels of boost on their specific application. In addition, by varying the intake runner & plenum sizes & designs our engineers can add more horsepower & torque over the factory manifold.

Each BBK SSI-Series intake manifold is constructed of aluminum for maximum strength & performance while keeping weight to a minimum. Performance intake manifolds are available for a variety of applications such as the Ford Mustang, GM LS motors and the popular Dodge Hemi models.

Will a custom tune be required?

On all the above mentioned BBK engine upgrades no custom tune is required, only on the performance intake manifolds would a tune further enhance the specific product upgrade. Many enthusiasts will use a BBK intake manifold in conjunction with other popular upgrades such as a custom cam or other power adders like one of our performance throttle bodies, air intakes or exhaust upgrades. By tweaking fuel & spark mapping a custom tune will further enhance overall performance and allow specific tuning for various driving conditions.

Will fuel economy drop with engine bolt-on upgrades?

In most instances overall economy would be improved not hurt with the above-mentioned upgrades as none is designed to add more fuel during normal driving and each in its own way is either freeing up efficiencies.

How do BBK engine upgrades compare to other brands?

All the above-mentioned products are fully designed & built in our USA state of the art facilities by a team of skilled craftspeople whom in many cases are fellow enthusiasts and love to ensure that each BBK parts offers the best quality, performance & value in the marketplace.

What type of warranty do BBK engine upgrades carry?

All BBK products are covered by our full standard 1-year product warranty with optional 2-year & 3-year extended warranties available on all items other than such things as gaskets or wear items.

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