Oil Separators

These super popular oil separators or otherwise known as catch cans are designed to catch the oil vapor coming from the engine crankcase before it is fed into the intake tract & combustion chamber. This results in not only performance improvements but also helps with longevity as this oil vapor is what helps to create carbon build-up which over many miles will reduce fuel economy & performance.

Designed with our fully CNC-machined 356 aluminum main body assembly, each unit is anodized in a beautiful finish and assembled with a custom o-ring design & custom oil catch filter. At each oil change simply unscrew the bottom catch portion and empty the oil out that otherwise would have been ingested in your motor as oil vapor.

These kits are available for most popular automotive & truck applications with dozens of new versions being added annually. Be sure to checkout this website or contact our sales team at if you don’t see your application listed.

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