Underdrive Pulleys

In the late 1980’s, BBK was one of the first companies to offer these simple yet effective underdrive pulley kits which can free up as much as 15 HP by reducing drag as a result of reducing the overall speed of the engine accessories. This reduction is engineered in a way that at idle such components as the water pump and alternator are turning fast enough to ensure ample cooling and charge.

Each BBK underdrive pulley system is built from fully CNC machined 6061 aluminum alloy right here in the USA for maximum quality & performance. Each system is also designed to retain the stock length serpentine belt making the upgrade that much more economical.

In addition to underdrive pulleys our R&D team has been engineering various supercharger pulley upgrades which add substantial power by increasing the level of boost. BBK underdrive pulley kits are available for a variety of Ford, GM & Dodge models with new applications being added all the time.