Tech Guide - Suspension

Since the late 1980’s our engineers have been designing & building some of the coolest, best performance suspension products for today’s modern breed of muscle car including the Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger/Charger models.

From something as straightforward as performance lowering coil springs & caster/camber kits to an array of heavy duty suspension components, our Gripp Series performance suspension products have been a top choice with performance enthusiasts. As with all our BBK performance products, each part is designed & built in the USA using the best materials and craftsmanship for maximum performance and longevity regardless if used on the street or track.

In addition to these suspension upgrades we also offer a variety of associated chassis & drivetrain products. From our line of heavy duty chassis braces to our well known Mustang adjustable clutch quadrant & cable systems our engineering team is working hard to add many new applications for your favorite car.


The BBK piece was designed around the basic shape and dimensions of the stock intake manifold. Designs that deviate too much from this basic outline might not fit well with the brace. However, it is difficult to determine all the myriad of possible combinations that will and will not work with the braces.

There are many variables to consider: Do you have after market engine mounts with an offset? Do you have an oversized after market intake? Is there an after market K-member with an engine offset? Any phenolic spacers? With just these few examples, you can see how it can be almost impossible to say what will and won't work, and under what conditions.

(Part numbers affected include: 2504, 25040, 2513, 25130, 2516, 15160)



The BBK strut tower design did take into consideration the routing of our Cold Air kit, so you should have no troubles with the two on your engine.

(Part numbers affected include: 2504, 25040, 2513, 25130, 2516, 15160, 1556, 1557, 1712, 1713, 17130, 1717, 1718, 1719, 1725)



Though similar the GT models, the intakes on the Cobra are different enough that our strut tower braces will not fit on them. However on some Cobra models, braces are factory supplied, meaning there would be no need for a BBK strut tower brace.

(Part numbers affected include: 2504, 25040, 2513, 25130, 2516, 15160)