BBK Reconditioned Parts

With thousands of BBK performance products installed on consumer vehicles each month, our customer service department periodically builds up an inventory of almost new products that were received from dealers for such reasons as "purchased for the wrong vehicle" or "packaging damaged and hardware missing". Our internal standards do not allow us to re-sell these products as new, so we recently came up with a great way for consumers to purchase these products at discounts of 20% or more over normal retail price.

After going through a complete inspection and testing process as needed, these reconditioned BBK products meet all our criteria are re packaged with new hardware and then classified as reconditioned.

Every reconditioned part is covered by a BBK Performance FULL 1 year product warranty.

That's right, find your favorite BBK products at a fraction of the cost while still getting the same warranty as a new product.

Needless to say this reconditioned product program has been a huge success and the only gripe has been the limited amount of products available as these represent some awesome values and are quickly purchased by eager enthusiasts. There are limited quantities of these reconditioned parts so be sure to get yours today - A great way to keep up on availability is to join our newsletter HERE to receive updates.